We are a writing, performing and publishing collective, formed in 1991. We grew from a women's writing class at the late lamented Darlington Arts Centre in Vane Terrace.

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Our latest collection: Blue Horse by Joanna Boulter

Blue Horse

Published: October 2014

Press for the Press to order.

Saturday October 18th saw the launch of Blue Horse in Middlesbrough mima as part of T junction - Teesside International Poetry Festival. A packed and appreciative audience heard a selection of poems read by members of Vane Women, and crowded round the bookstall afterwards.

A Darlington launch is being planned before the end of this year. Keep an eye on this website or the Vane Women Facebook page for details when they are available.

Joanna Boulter has cleared every hurdle to take her poetry to a higher state before she leaves us, not departing from this world but into the shade of an illness which will close down portals: memory, cognisance and time itself.

Blue Horse is her farewell collection of poetry, brilliant, daring, fluent, modernist and to be read at one sitting it is so compelling. We may believe she has drunk the milk of Paradise and in a final poem ‘The Road to Xanadu’ we glimpse the journey. She warns that ‘art is dangerous’. Her poem ‘Water Notes’ vividly ends with a half formed merchild pleading for evolution, as the author attempts to stopper the bottle where wrecks lie. The conclusion may be that poetry is not to be denied, the blue horse takes on skycolour

and stands

of invisible

having soared he is lame to earth
favours a cracked fetlock     the cost of his courage

I want to go with him     I would pay that price

The poems soar above existence and pre-existence to innate forms and extinct species, snatches of history, including her own. The words often dance beyond punctuation to a new order. She is surely at one with the stars. Beauty, strength, vibrancy, in every poem, her intellect steadily shining. Vane Women are proud to present her valedictory masterpiece. S.J. Litherland

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