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Vane Women is a writers’ collective from the North of England — we run a Press and workshops and are performers on the stage as well as on the page. We take our name from Darlington Arts Centre’s address at Vane Terrace, which is our base camp. Vain but not plain . . . and we show off our earrings as well as our love of words. Join us — enjoy our pages of poems, prose and puns. You might find something in the pun button to take home!

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Two new collections launched

Cover of 'In a Savage Country'  Published: June 2013. See below for launch events

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In a Savage Country is a land of mind-mountains familiar to Ann Graal. With grit and courage, and not without wit and humour, she begins a complicated ascent with her dying husband (once a mountaineer) through the lower slopes of consultants and hospitals, to the higher ground of resignation and loneliness. She takes with her memories of childhood, wonderfully observed, and other diversionary themes: dogs, flowers, frogspawn. She is matter-of-fact and lyrical, her powerful poetry full of funny asides and monologues which shift into cadences of heartbreak and celebratory tribute.

Cover of 'No Random Loving'  Published: June 2013. See below for launch events

Press for the Press to order.


From Willington lass to Mayor of Darlington, Dorothy Long can reflect on a Northern life of public service. Her poetry, like the luminescent pearls in the opening poem, she has kept in a drawer. No Random Loving is her beautiful debut collection. Family, back terraces and woods, the former Willington slagheap, the Lake District peaks, family holidays in France, all forge strong links. At the centre is her sense of home, carried within, rooted in a happy marriage. Constancy is celebrated while seasons, tides and moods change. In the dales of Durham, Anglo Saxon words hang on and her poetry glints with kennings, fresh and sharp as the East Wind.

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